Destruction of Studio


JULY 20, 2010

A group of thugs broke into my private work studio in Galena, Illinois and mutilated and destroyed 20 years of my life’s work.
The majority of works were art produced during my mystical period when I
was absorbed by Russian Orthodoxy and by the spiritual values of theology
and a deeper life in the metaphysical.

Hence, I wrote in Russian, which was taught to me by my grandmother.
During this period, I was profoundly influenced by the contemporary
German painter, Anselm Kiefer.

This period (1990-2005) influenced my later writings and visual art, as well as
my current thoughts concerning literature and the philosophy of art.
What was destroyed that day were hundreds of paintings, sketches, notes,
diaries, sketchbooks, drawings, ceramics, maquettes, proposals, photographs,
photographic documentation of installations, videos, sculpture, unpublished
poems, to be published poems, and unfinished writings.

Other more current works (2006-present) that greatly departed from this period,
mostly new paintings in progress, sketches, and finished work, also perished.
Some of the works that were photographed and documented and were in
exhibitions in Europe and the United States appear here in a documentary

Some of the paintings have appeared and been published alongside my poetry.
To date, the American authorities have not arrested or prosecuted these
heartless petty vandals.

Sadly, it can be said, that in America, the destruction of art and the life's journey of one artist is not viewed as a crime.