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Violence in our Cities

In 1989, in downtown Chicago, I was held up by two men both with handguns and robbed of $10.00 in my pocket. The first man shot and missed me.  The second man shot me directly while fleeing his escape. This tragic and senseless incident is repeated daily, no hourly, in cities across America.

I am fortunate to have survived.  Others, particularly children, have not been so lucky. The U.S. Congress and Senate and local governments have failed to protect us from the violence industry that is plaguing our cities and our streets, homes, and neighborhoods.

Barack Obama has sold out to the pro-gun lobbies.  The champion of "change" has changed absolutely nothing.

Obama has even turned his back on the prosecution of the armed police militias in Ferguson, New York, Pasco, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

It's time we take matters into our own hands.

I urge you to buy the "I am a Victim" T-shirt that I designed because, in essence, we are all victims of the senseless and random killings and murders in everyday America.  This tragedy touches everyone: friends, family, neighbors.

All proceeds from the sale of the T-Shirt benefit The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence in Washington, D.C.

The T-Shirt cost is $19.95
Orders can be placed by contacting Metropolitan Arts Press. More information about The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence can be obtained at www.csgv.org

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