By Christian Narkiewicz-Laine

In Solidarity with the Demand for Freedom of Speech and Human Rights
The City and The World Lecture before The Chamber of Chamber of Architects of Turkey Istanbul

Under the banner of this exhibition, 'The City and the World,' we are reminded that as a profession, we architects should continue our life-long pursuits of an architecture and a city that is a more humane endeavor and that our professional responsibility is to find the best and most rational solutions to make our human environments more beautiful, more sustainable, and more civilized for the true needs of the humanity that we serve. Read more

'Our Cities, Our Rights', XIII BA 12 Bienial Internacional de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires

A massive depression, double-dip recession, hyper-inflation, the collapse of the housing market, massive global unemployment, the now-exposed corruption of the banks, and corporations, together with the governments that support them, the greed of corporations, wealth in the hands of 1% of the population, while the other 99% unjustly suffer, most below the poverty level.   Over 46 million Americans live in poverty.   Soon a global shortage of food and clean water, together with the next second wave of global recession, will push capitalism over the edge entirely. 
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XIII BA 13 Bienial Internacional de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires

Today, I am inviting you to see beyond the box.  Instead, we need to think inside the circle. Our world is presently facing an enormous environmental and humanitarian crisis beyond any previous proportion and we are on the verge of  a total global collapse.
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