New Works


(ISIL), 2015

Original Title: The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), 2015 / Mise-en-Scène. ISIS/ISIL Flag, Black Uniform and Hood, Mato and Hash Military Shemagh, Camouflage Tactical Vest, and AK-47 Kalashnikov Automatic Rifle / Mixed Dimension.

Ebola, 2015

Mise-en-Scène / Full-Body Biosafety Hazardous Material Suit, Biosafety Soft-Stretch Hood, 3M P3M TEKK Protection Chemical Splash/Impact Goggles, Protective Apron, and Protective Boot Covers / Mixed Dimension.

Gitmo, 2015


Original Title: Gitmo: (A 10-Year All-Inclusive Vacation in Cuba), 2015 / Mise-en-Scène. Penitentiary Jump Suit, Handcuffs, and Black Hood.
Mixed Dimension

Jihad Jane, 2011

Body cloak and burqa with video monitor / Varying size / 500 Digital images of American troops invading Iraq

A Knock on the Roof:
How Many Palestinian Children Did You Kill?, 2014

Serigraph.  65 x 79 inches (165.100 x 200.660)

Cruel and Unusual Punishment, 2014

One of Three in Series. C Print. 30 x 60 inches. (76.20 x 152.40 cm.)

Whirling Dervish in Ecstasy,  2014

Filmed in High Definition Digital on DVD.  Length: 3.10 minutes.